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Peggy Watson: Music

Tom's Song

(Peggy Watson)
words/music by P. Watson
I got a postcard from out of the blue
It had a really strange picture
So I knew it had to be from you
It had a stamp from a German town
You’ve got a wife and a kid
I guess you finally settled down

Riding on your dirt bike, falling off the back
If my mama would have known, she would have had a heart attack
Drinking ripple at the river, catching guppies in a jar
We were innocent and guilty, and a little bit bizarre

Oh Tom, it’s been too long
In a world so dizzy that we can’t see right from wrong
But you know we had so much fun
I guess we’re pretty damn lucky that we didn’t die young

We partied at the park till about midnight
Counting stars in the dipper, swinging higher than a kite
I remember those potato bugs were bigger than your thumb
Every time I rode the slide, you always threatened me with one

We slept together once but the only thing we shared
Was an old wool blanket and some long underware
You wore the bottoms and I used the shirt
It was thiry-two degrees while we shivered in the dirt

(Repeat Chorus)

You were gonna be a poet just like Bukowski
So you went to the city to live on skid row
Looking for the truth in the bottom of a bottle
But you didn’t find nothing that you didn’t already know

So you got a fake business card and one gray suit
And you headed off to Libya to make a little loot
They paid you forty grand to find some oil in the ground
Then you drank it all away in some lucky English town

(Repeat chorus)
(Repeat first verse)