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Peggy Watson: Music

The Invincible Man

(Peggy Watson)
words/music by P. Watson
Tears would be frozen
By that look on your face
The life that you’ve chosen
You’re a real hard case
Well, I don’t believe it
It just isn’t true
Cause inside those icy eyes
Love is on fire
Its raging in you

Keeping the distance
Is the key to your plan
Nothing can touch you
The invincible man
Maybe I’m foolish
To say that I care
Cause pulling the heartstrings of someone like you
Is a risky affair
I love you

Love has no mercy
And we’ve all paid the toll
It traps all your senses
And captures your soul
So what are you proving
Choosing not to forgive
Why don’t you free all those ghosts from the past
And let yourself live
I love you