Knee Deep

Taking It All In Stride

Peggy Watson
words/music by P. Watson


Running to the corner of Fairmount and Wight That driver ain’t waiting for a woman who stayed up too late last night Six thirty in the morning and I’m dangerous Cursing every step I barely make the bus And I nudge my way past the sleepy faces Some lost in thoughts of love or higher places Others dreading the day’s work ahead Dreaming this bus would bring them all to paradise instead Billy’s blowing bubbles in the back with the headphones on He’s smiling and teasing that baby in the pink chiffon Who’s dark-haired mama’s got a leg that doesn’t work too well The war’s behind her but the bus steps give her hell And we roll along past the empty pool halls Haunted alleyways, grafitti on the school walls Street prophet talking to God begins to shout Was last night just a dream, is this what life is all about That driver don’t care what kind of mood I’m in He’s driven all the backroads of love and sin Doesn’t matter what your name is, it’s a dollar to ride That man with the wheel in his hand is just taking it all in stride Nora knows at least a dozen ways to make casserole Ted’s talking turkey bout the politics of rock and roll I don’t mean to be indifferent, but it’s been a bad year It’s not that I’m bored, but I’m pulling that cord Hey driver, I’m out of here And I nudge my way through sweet smells and small talk Counting seconds left, I gotta punch the timeclock That driver looks like he’s smiling inside While I’m fretting and regretting He’s just taking it all in stride

Live performance samples

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